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The Cherry Hill Education Foundation commits itself to support and enhance the quality of education of the public school children of the Township of Cherry Hill by raising and distributing funds for innovative programs in the pursuit of excellence in education.


  • To promote student development through enriched programs and activities, and recognition of student accomplishments.
  • To encourage creativity among employees by supporting unique growth opportunities, providing resources for creative teaching ideas, and recognizing employee accomplishments.
  • To encourage school-community partnerships by promoting community awareness about school programs, providing ways for individuals and organizations to share resources with the school to enhance learning, and facilitating cooperative ventures among the Foundation, community groups, and the school district.

Cherry Hill Education Foundation Officers:

  • Jon Cohen, President
  • Anna DeMarco, Vice President
  • Linda King, Vice President
  • Sam Kates, Vice President
  • Joanne Cohen, Treasurer
  • Lisa Silver, Secretary
  • Eleanor Stofman, President Emeritus

Board Members:

  • Barbara Mitidieri
  • David Molotsky
  • Heydan Rappaport
  • Jacki Paoline
  • Jaye Halpern
  • Jessica Burnett
  • Joseph Meloche
  • Justin Samuels
  • Marisa Rappaport
  • Martin Cohen
  • Mechelle Faria
  • Phyllis Fleming
  • Phyllis Jones
  • Roberta Abramowitz
  • Stephanie Rappaport
  • Susan Bastnagel
  • Toby Kaplan

The Cherry Hill Education Foundation was founded as a response to the national challenge to keep our young people well equipped and productive in an increasingly competitive, complex and changing world.  Our purpose is to provide resources to enhance positive programs for students, while partnering with the schools and the community in the pursuit of excellence. 
We thank everyone for their generous support!