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(Click HERE for a print version of this list of grants funded.)

Since late 2007, the Cherry Hill Education Foundation has provided more than $1,000,000 in grants and donations to the Cherry Hill Public Schools!

Alternative High School

  • A climbing wall in the gymnasium, funded with support from a WalMart grant.RockWall
  • Funding to pilot “Power to Teach, Power to Learn” Program.
  • Tuition certificate to allow a worthy student to attend SAT Prep Course
  • Food composter for AHS and Malberg.

High School East

  • Computers for journalism lab, funded with assistance from Gannett Foundation.
  • Smart Board technology in World Language Department, funded with support from WalMart and the Cherry Hill Breakfast Rotary Club.
  • Smart Response System for select science classes so teacher can immediately gauge student understanding of topic under discussion.
  • Resurfacing part of the tennis courts, through a grant from the Ravitz Family Foundation
  • ELMO projector.
  • Six snare drums for marching band drum line.HS_Drummers
  • Using generational talent for Praxis in Media Center.
  • Concert Timpani Drum Set.
  • Poetry Residency and Poetry in the Schools Initiative.
  • Funding for PE equipment through a donation from Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club
  • Funding for t-shirts and supplies for Red & White Night competition
  • Six mellophones for marching band.
  • Funding to support the Robotics program.
  • Funding for t-shirts for freshman orientation.

High School West

  • Training for National Honor Society students to become tutors for their peers.
  • Support for an initiative of the Shop West program in which students sell engraved towels.
  • With assistance from Barnes & Noble, support for in-depth study of human health disorders.
  • Adaptive physical education equipment for students facing physical challenges.
  • Funding for library books, with support from Barnes & Noble.
  • Support for publication of a photo- illustrated cookbook by food service students.
  • Contribution for Project Graduation.
  • Macbooks for the Broadcasting and Journalism classes, with assistance from the Gannett Foundation.
  • Intervention program to help non- readers, reluctant readers, and reading- deficient students improve their reading.
  • Magnetic skeleton and organ parts for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy lab.
  • Dance education stereo system.West Dance Team
  • Equipment to promote “Imaginative Thinking.”
  • New Literacies in Journalism.
  • Netbooks for learning beyond the classroom.
  • Upright Piano for vocal music room.
  • Equipment for weight room renovation.
  • Nooks (e readers) for the library.
  • Funding for equipment and supplies for PE Department through a donation from Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club.
  • Support for West Mock Trial Team to enable participation in Empire Mock Trial Competition.
  • Funding for t-shirts for freshman orientation.
  • Funds for speakers to provide “turnkey” anti-bullying training for members of West’s Athletes Against Bullying Club.
  • Funds to assist with first year of operation of West’s Peer Leader Program.
  • Bottle Refilling Stations to quench thirst and reduce dependency on plastic water bottles.

High School East & West

  • The annual Academic Recognition Banquet, an event where the district formally recognizes the academic achievement of graduating seniors from both high schools.
  • Annual contribution for Project Graduation.
  • “Teen Screen” mental health checkups for students.
  • Hero Network Donation.


  • Partial funding for the Science Club’s participation in the internationally recognized Science Olympiad.
  • Funding support for the Step Team to enable them to travel to a Step performance and perform in new shirts.
  • Supplies for the new ceramics program.
  • 36 Kindles to support student literacy
  • Keyboard tech lab to enhance music instruction.
  • Cafeteria Baskets to Reduce Lunch Room Trash.
  • Funding for Sustainability Initiatives.
  • Chromebook Computers to Increase Student Engagement.
  • Funding to enrich the Media Center’s Year of Japan study.
  • A robotics engineering and technology program.
  • A music recording lab that focuses on music composition and digital recording.
  • State-of-the-art hardware and software for the Audio Visual Club.
  • New equipment to update the school’s Fitness Center.
  • iPads and docking station to support English Language Learners and special education students.
  • Partial funding for Destination Imagination World Competition.
  • Baby grand piano for auditorium.grand piano 2
  • Improved theater lighting.
  • Additional equipment for the Fitness Center.
  • Cafeteria Baskets to Reduce Lunch Room Trash.
  • Baritone Saxophone for School Band.
  • Assistive Technology to Improve Reading Fluency.
  • Equipment for Career Skills Class.
  • Fitness Center Equipment to Promote Life-Long Health.
  • Tuba for School Band
  • Support for “A Day of Mary Poppins” allowing all Carusi students to attend the play at Cherry Hill West.
  • Robotics kits and supplies for 21st Century Skills Class and Robotics Club.
  • Tower Garden for science class.
  • Support for program to build confidence and leadership skill.
  • Euphonium and two tenor saxophones for Carusi band.


  • Assistance for students who need additional social-cognitive support to better handle social situations within the community.
  • Music recording technology to enhance both individual and group performances.
  • Lego sets for a program that supports the development of student social skills.
  • Portable stage for performing arts program.
  • iPads/iPods for library.
  • Partial funding for Destination Imagination World Competition.
  • Adobe Flash for classroom use.
  • “Bridge” bus from East to Rosa.
  • Supplies to support a Ceramics Program in art classes.
  • Equipment to support student use of photographic evidence to enhance learning.
  • Cafeteria Baskets to Reduce Lunch Room Trash.
  • Projector for CAPSS Program.
  • SmartBoard for 6th Grade Classroom.
  • Equipment and supplies for PE Department through a donation from Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club.
  • Gymnasium Sound System to enhance PE classes, annual drama production, and other events held in the Rosa gymnasium.

Eight Elementary Schools

  • Support to implement the “Battle of the Books” contest, a reading motivation program (which is already underway in four of our elementary schools), with book bags provided by Barnes & Noble.

All Elementary Schools

  • Support for a distance learning project that allows fifth grade TAG students to participate in a year-long study of the Renaissance at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  • Teaching Books data base for elementary libraries
  • In cooperation with the Cherry Hill Rotary Club, annual funding to provide personal copies of dictionaries to all third grade students.


  • Support for a program that improves early literacy development in first graders, with assistance from Barnes & Noble
  • Supplies for the second grade MathStart! Program.
  • Supplies to implement a new book series for the first grade literacy development program.
  • Registration fee to allow fifth grade team to compete at Destination ImagiNation global finals.
  • King School book series to support early literacy development in diverse student population.
  • Tumble Book Library for ELL students.
  • Funding for “Bucket Filling,” a character education project.
  • Pedometers for Physical Education classes.
  • iPads for English Language Learners.
  • Non-fiction books for Grades 2-5.
  • Smart Board for Kindergarten Enrichment Program.
  • Drums for World Music Drumming Program.
  • Classroom document cameras.
  • High-interest text sets for Library (Grades 3-5).
  • SmartBoard for first grade classroom
  • SmartBoard for effective and targeted collaboration.
  • High-interest informational texts for 4th graders.
  • “We Are Words” hallway flags (character education initiative).
  • Scholastic non-fiction readers boxed sets.
  • Standing desks for 4th graders.
  • Native language literature for ELL students.
  • SmartBoards for various classrooms to support instruction and improve student performance.


  • Funding for a fifth grade Energy Conservation program (monitoring and mentoring kits), which allows fifth grade students to teach conservation to all younger students at Cooper.
  • Five Notebook computers for a Grade 3 inclusion class.
  • In partnership with Cooper PTA, Dell computers for student use.
  • National Geographic Science & Reading program.
  • iPads and cases to support learning in self-contained Special Education classrooms.
  • Bright Link Projector to support technology integration with the Resource Room.
  • Resources for social skills and problem solving.


  • In partnership with Harte PTA, funding for a climbing wall where students learn teamwork skills while enjoying physical education.
  • Partial funding to mount an existing Smart Board in the library.
  • Current reading selections for a library book club.
  • A Smart Board and computer to assist students with speech difficulties.
  • Flip video camera to support world language learning.
  • Composter for Green Team.
  • Piggie Party literacy initiative.
  • Replacement copies of best-loved library books.
  • “Flipping through Flipster” – emagazines to promote reading and school and home.
  • Support for Bret Harte’s BES School Store project.
  • 5th Grade iPad Learning Lab
  • Sensory motor equipment for Occupational Therapy to improve student learning.
  • Interactive books for the school library to “light up learning.”

Johnson, Sharp and Stockton

  • Laptop, peripherals, and software to enhance instrumental music lessons for fourth and fifth graders.


  • Funding for classroom amplification system to increase student academic achievement and performance.
  • Support for “Lego Lunchtime Club,” a program that helps students improve social competence and increase interaction with peers.
  • Student mentoring program (East students at Johnson).
  • Pedometers for Physical Education classes.
  • JJ’s Ambassadors for Animals.
  • Book Buddy books and games to allow 4th graders to help 1st graders.
  • Character Education program -Random Acts of Kindness.
  • Drums for World Music Drumming Program.
  • Social Learning Skills Resources for Asperger’s and Communication Impaired Students.
  • Classical Music CDs to Reduce Student Anxiety.
  • Library Books with African American Main Characters and/or Authors.
  • Music technology for large-group instruction.
  • Elmo document camera and ceiling projector.
  • Tower garden for second grade science and Johnson Green Team.


  • Nonfiction books for the library and first grade classrooms, with funding support from the Garden State Rotary Club.
  • A text mastery program for third and fourth grade classrooms.
  • A document camera and projector to support instruction in fundamentals of writing.
  • Book series targeted for boys to help close the reading gap.
  • iPad Minis for Special Education/At Risk students.
  • Elmo document cameras and projectors.
  • Library books to enhance cultural proficiency.
  • Funding to transport students to HS East to see Peter Pan.
  • Laptops for Special Education Students.
  • Document cameras and projectors for third grade classroom.
  • Document cameras and projectors for all first grade classrooms.
  • Laptops for Special Education classrooms.
  • Therapy balls to improve attention, increase on-task behaviors, and decrease disruptions.
  • Funds to support “Project Success,” an after-school mentoring program with students from East and West.
  • Chromebooks to better prepare students for PARCC.
  • Chromebooks for second graders.
  • Bully-busting books to help students develop skills to avoid bullies and bullying.
  • Five All-in-One Printers to support Special Education and Basic Skills instruction.
  • All-in-One printers for 1st grade classroom.
  • Funding for Bucket Fillers character education program.
  • SmartBoard for second grade classroom to improve student performance.


  • In partnership with Kingston PTA, support for “Lunch and Learn” program, which helps eliminate bullying on the playground.
  • Support for a teacher in-service designed to improve the reading skills of first graders. Chick hatching
  • Audio books for the library to augment differentiated instruction.
  • Equipment to assist first and second graders in improving their reading fluency.
  • Listening Center books and CDs for use in first and second grade literacy centers.
  • iPads for special education classes.
  • Chick hatching project for first grade classroom.
  • Funds to create a “Little Free Library” at Kingston.
  • Desk cycles to enhance kinesthetic learning.
  • Furniture for the Library Media Center.


  • In partnership with Knight PTA, support for teacher-implemented, cutting-edge “Universal Design” technology to benefit first and second graders.
  • Portable nets to enhance the elementary school physical education program.
  • Books targeted to increase literacy among boys.
  • Updated library selections in fiction and history for third, fourth and fifth grade students,
  • Funding to enhance the music curriculum by providing 25 drums for a world drumming program.
  • Open mic equipment for poetry reading.
  • Smart Board for Library/Media Center.
  • iPad2s to support learning in the Communications-Impaired classroom.
  • Buddy benches to foster friendship and help prevent bullying.
  • Supplies for Bucket Fillers (character education) program.
  • Chromebooks to support online development of writing, math, and reading comprehension skills.
  • Furniture for the Library/Media Center.


  • In partnership with Mann PTA, partial funding for new playground equipment.
  • Bucket Fillers for students—a character education program.
  • With support from Subaru of America, Inc., SmartBoards and accessories for two fourth grade classrooms.
  • Pedometers for Physical Education classes.
  • Piggie Party literacy initiative.
  • Interactive whiteboards for Autism Support class.
  • “Flipping through Flipster” – emagazines to promote reading and school and home.
  • Interactive books for the school library to “light up learning.”
  • Books to aid in teaching social skills and problem solving.


  • Funding to construct a greenhouse which will allow students to learn ecology, environment, and marketing skills.
  • Support for a week-long poet-in-residence program.
  • Shakespeare program for second grade students.
  • Student-constructed “Peace” mosaic mural.
  • Materials for “Scientific Minds” program in first grade.
  • Reading incentive rewards.
  • iPad Minis for ESL Students.
  • iPads for economically disadvantaged students.
  • Class trip for students in remedial program.
  • SmartBoard for second grade classroom to improve student performance.
  • Reusable plastic baskets for sustainable lunchroom initiative.
  • Chromebooks to help students and teachers develop their digital skill sets using Google Education Suite.
  • SmartBoards for first and third grade classrooms to improve student performance.
  • SmartBoard to improve student performance of English Language Learners in Grades K-5.


  • BookFlix, an online database, to augment reading selections in fiction and nonfiction for students in grades K-3.
  • Installation of a Smart Board in the library.
  • A Thinking Fun Center to challenge fourth graders to think at the highest levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Document camera and projector to support literacy development in Grades K-5.
  • Hand-held video cameras for classroom use.
  • Readers theater kits for first grade students.
  • With support of Sharp PTA, funding for iPads for use by students at every grade level.
  • Document camera and projector.
  • Books for “Battle of the Books” program.
  • Library books to support literacy for English Language Learners and all students.
  • High-interest texts to teach Science.
  • Chromebooks to support first-grade small group intervention and enrichment.
  • High-interest texts to support Social Studies and ELA instruction.
  • Instructional SmartBoard for third grade classroom.


  • In partnership with Stockton PTA, partial funding for Peaceful Playground equipment to provide structured, bullying-free activities at recess.
  • iPads and software to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into music instruction.


  • A Hero Wall dedicated to people who overcame disabilities to follow their dreams.
  • Books to enhance studies in African American history and the Read Across America celebration.
  • SmartBoard and peripherals for second grade classroom.
  • Series of books about U.S. Presidents for Extended Day Childcare program.
  • With Woodcrest PTA, funding to support the Trouble-Free Playground program.
  • SmartBoard for 2nd Grade classroom.
  • Graphic novel collection to engage reluctant readers.
  • Interactive books for the school library to “light up” learning.

Barclay Early Learning Centerbarclay shade structure 009

  • Printers to assist in preschool instruction
  • Funded by a grant from the American Academy of Dermatology, a shade structure to allow use of the outdoor playground in sunny and rainy weather.
  • Funding to obtain additional supplies for the shade structure.
  • Poster maker.
  • “Minis for Minis” – iPad minis for each Barclay classroom.

All Secondary Schools

  • A Sustainable Cherry Hill recycling and compost project, with funding support from Aramark.
  • Funded by Texas Instruments, donation of 14 TI-NSpire Teacher Edition Graphing Calculators to improve mathematics instruction.


  • Books for students who are English Language Learners to own and read at home, with funding support from Barnes & Noble.
  • Annual support for the district’s Mt. Misery Program, through a grant from TD Charitable Foundation.
  • Used printers for schools.
  • Training to support district’s Cultural Competency Initiative.
  • T-shirts for annual STAR games 026
  • Funding for refurbishment of donated musical instruments.
  • Funding for refreshments for District PARCC Community Nights.
  • High-resolution cameras for schools and district Public Information Office.