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Grant Funding

The Cherry Hill Education Foundation supports the Cherry Hill Public Schools and the more than 11,300 students, 8,000 families, and about 1,600 staff.

Since late 2007, the Cherry Hill Education Foundation has provided more than $1,000,000 in grant funding and donations to support educational programming throughout the Cherry Hill School District.


Peace Mural at Thomas Paine Elementary School; funded, in part, by a grant from the Cherry Hill Education Foundation.

Click HERE for a list of grants funded, by school, since 2007.


Classroom Grants Assist Teachers and Administrators in the Education Process

The Cherry Hill Education Foundation makes funds available to Cherry Hill public school educators to create new and innovative educational programs that could not normally be accommodated by the typical school budget. A classroom grant can make learning exciting for teachers and students because it gives teachers an opportunity to be creative and innovative.

Grants to Support Classrooms and Schools

Schools could often benefit from discretionary funding to achieve school-wide goals such as increasing reading comprehension or math scores, addressing minority achievement concerns or implementing innovative special education programs. The Foundation offers grants to address specific school-wide as well as classroom-specific issues or goals.

Grant Requirements

  • Applicants must complete the grant application.
  • The project administrator is responsible for implementing the grant at his or her school. The grantees are the principals, teachers and/or classrooms affected by the project. Notification and other correspondence will only be directed to the project administrator.
  • Completed applications must have the appropriate principal authorization.
  • Grant applications with a technology component must be submitted to the attention of Dr. Farrah Mahan by October 31. The deadline for all other grants is November 30.

Selection & Notification:

  • Grant applications submitted after the October 31 deadline for technology grants and November 30 deadline for all other grants will not be considered.
  • The Foundation’s Grant Committee will review grant requests for selection and final approval.
  • Review by the Grant Committee begins in January. Grants in excess of $500 must also be approved by the Cherry Hill Board of Education. CHEF will move grants forward to the BOE; applicants will be advised when the grant is moving forward.
  • Once you are notified of BOE approval, please allow up to four weeks for your funds to be available at your school.
  • All grant funds are transferred to the appropriate school.  ALL purchases MUST then be submitted through the district’s purchase requisition system.

Evaluating your Program:

  • Upon program completion, the Project Administrator will be required to complete a final grant assessment form. These forms are available at right.
  • Final evaluations must include, but are not limited to photographs, drawings, quotes, videos, essays, artwork, etc.

Funding Priorities:

  • Priority will be given to the most innovative, enriching ideas and educationally sound programs. Funding is entirely under the discretion of the Grant Committee.